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Dental Services in Saskatoon

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Preventative Dentistry

Knowing how to prevent dental cavities and other dental concerns is important to maintaining dental health. As a dental team we help educate patients on ways to prevent dental decay, and to improve the health of the mouth. Our hygienist teaches proper brushing and flossing techniques, performs dental scaling and helps maintain the health of the gums. Our assistants and dental therapist will also discuss the benefits of, and place dental sealants. This is a great prevention measure when needed to help prevent cavities. Diet counselling is discussed to assist in management of dental problems that are related to diet habits. We encourage regular check ups and dental X-rays, to diagnose any cavities and treat any gum disease. Prevention in sports injuries with mouth-guards, appliances that help with space maintenance for children, and bruxims (grinding) is also offered.

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Restorative Dentistry

We are here to help manage and treat dental disease and educate our patients on the treatment options available. Here are some of the ways we do that.

  • Fillings - this treats dental decay (cavities), and broken or chipped teeth. We offer white and silver filling material.
  • Crowns- restoration of teeth that are breaking down, have large fillings and have chipped, or broken teeth. Crowns are a treatment option when a tooth cannot be adequately restored with a filling. Crowns offer stability, strength and a natural looking restoration. Crowns cover the entire tooth.
  • Veneers- a great option with little tooth reduction, great for discoloured or misshaped teeth. Veneers cover part of the tooth. Veneers treat the front teeth.
  • Bridge- this treatment is to replace missing teeth with a fixed option, over a removable option like a partial denture. It anchors two teeth, and has a third false tooth in the middle to fill a space. It helps maintain bite strength while filling in gaps in the smile.
  • Onlays and inlays- alternative option to crowns, if there is enough tooth structure.
  • Endodontic treatment- this is known as a root canal. It is a filling that extends into the nerve of the tooth. When dental decay reaches the nerve, pain and throbbing is a symptom, and endodontic treatment it the only option to remove the nerve, while maintaining the tooth in the mouth.

Easy in office bleaching- we make custom trays and bleaching kits.

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Pediatric Dentistry

We know that a positive dental experience begins at a young age. We want the dental experience to be fun, and something that a child looks forward to and understands we are there to help them. We encourage dental visits as young as 2+ years, to help introduce our young patients to the dental environment. Here are some of the ways we work towards that:

  • First time visits, chair rides and prizes. We recommend bringing your child in as early as 2+ years old to help them become familiar with our dental team and office. These visits include exploration of the office, meeting our staff, and a chance to get comfortable with the tools we use. For our youngest patients we usually have them sit and lay back in the chairs, and show them how fun a dental visit can be. This visit is to get used to what to expect and what they can look forward to. We will do a visual check of any teeth that are visible and educate our parents on how they can help their child have a healthy mouth.
  • Toddlers and up will also get a chance to learn how fun the dental office can be. If cooperation is there, we will do polishing and fluoride treatment. At this stage of development we can take X-rays to check on development of teeth, and diagnose any dental decay that may be present. We refer to pediatric dentists if the child’s needs require a specialist.
  • Preteen and teenager- most of our patients at this age are familiar with the dental office. We look to create a positive dental experience where we help educate our patients with how they can work towards taking care of their teeth. We discuss preventive strategies and treat dental decay. Diet counselling is also discussed to help bring awareness of diet habits that cause dental decay. Our team will work on teaching brushing and flossing techniques to our patients.
  • With all check ups, we offer treatment planning to help address crowding in the teeth, space maintenance if baby teeth are missing or removed, and orthodontic referrals. Appliances to correct bite issues or narrow arches can also be discussed at the check up.
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Geriatric Dentistry

As we age, our dental health may change, and the treatment we require to maintain a healthy mouth. Working with seniors to help assist in the process of replacing missing teeth is a large part of our dental practice. We work to provide the option that suits our patients needs and answer any questions along the way. Here are some treatment options we offer:

  • Crown and bridge treatment- this treatment helps in restoring broken or missing teeth. This offers a fixed restoration that maintains arch integrity and function.
  • Implants- we work closely alongside specialist that place implants to replace a tooth that has been removed.
  • Partial dentures- a great option if a patient has teeth missing and is concerned about loss of chewing function. With partial dentures it is a removable treatment option that replaces missing teeth and brings back chewing function. It also fills in the gaps in the smile. We work with the lab to make these appliances.
  • Complete upper and lower dentures- when function and chewing is becoming a problem, and a patient is looking to have a full smile back, this may be a great option. We may work alongside an oral surgeon to help facilitate a complete transition, and we work with the lab to make a complete denture.
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